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Angler's 809-pound catch: Tiger shark is a colossal catch after 8-hour struggle

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A Texas angler is proudly showing off his trophy fish this week – a whopping 809 pound tiger shark measuring 12 feet, 7 inches. The angler hauled in the shark from the Gulf of Mexico just off of Port Aransas, a city in Nueces County, Texas. After hooking the colossal catch, Ryan Spring won the battle – eight hours later.

See the incredible pics here, hosted by The Associated Press.

The Associated Press reported that Spring’s shark “was about as big as his boat. He says it pulled the vessel south for more than 15 miles. It took about a dozen men to haul the male shark onto the dock. Spring plans to donate meat from the shark to charity. The catch falls short of the tiger shark state record, which according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says is 1,129 pounds.”

Still, the shark was a surprise to Spring, who thought he may catch a smaller hammer head, but never a tiger shark. It took the men well into the next morning to land the great fish, which Spring said bit on his bait at around 8:30 p.m. last Saturday.

“After five hours of fighting it, I finally saw it for the first time,” Spring said. “I was surprised it was a tiger shark, I thought it was a hammerhead,” adding that for much of the fight, the shark was pulling them, rather than the other way around.

According to NewsOxy, “the world record is 1,785 pounds caught in 2004 off the coast of Australia, according to the International Game Fish Association.”

Earlier in the week, a massive whale shark was on full display for residents of Xiangzhi, in the Fujian province of eastern China. But unfortunately for the bombastic fisherman, who finally had a literal whale of a tale story to tell his fellow anglers, the immense carcass parading about on top of the man’s odd-looking truck, looking like a pageant float gone bad, was quite illegal.