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Angie Watson: Who is Angie Watson? More about Bubba Watson's wife

Bubba and Angie Watson with their son, Caleb, at the 2014 Masters in Augusta.
Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Angie Watson is once again a person of interest in the media after her husband won his second Masters. Bubba Watson's wife has caught the attention of viewers after the Augusta golf tournament. Newsday published a report April 11 that had some quotes from Angie about her husband's "strategy."

"I think it's just 'enjoying.' He's just comfortable. He has used the word a lot: Rejoicing. He's just enjoying golf again and having fun," Angie Watson said.

She added if Bubba shoots an 80 or 8 under, he'll still "go home and play T-ball with Caleb in the backyard," she said of their two-year-old adopted son. "None of that changes when he gets away from the golf course, so I think that's helping a lot."

A lot more about Angie Watson can be read in this article here. It also reveals more about a cancer scare she had and why she wasn't at the 2012 Masters in Augusta when her husband won that year.

IB Business Times had some facts about Angie Watson, including one that she's 6-foot-4-inches tall and had played a lot of basketball in her life. She and Bubba got married in September of 2004. They met while they were in Georgia and attending college.

In an interesting bit of trivia, Angie told Bubba Watson on their first date that she couldn't have children. She now enjoys raising their adopted son, Caleb. He was seen sharing in the special moment with his dad on the golf course after his win on Sunday.

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