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Angie Everhart travels with food? ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ with Pat and Gina Neely

Angie Everhart is on Celebrity Wife Swap
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Angie Everhart is a supermodel and actress who lives in Los Angeles and took the plunge to be on “Celebrity Wife Swap.” The accomplished entertainer might be thinking twice about doing this is the future as the star reveals some interesting peccadillos about her life. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry on Tuesday, the supermodel changed up her routine for a week to live in Memphis and swap with Gina Neely.

Angie Everhart has two kids and is active in working in the entertainment business. Her boyfriend Carl runs a healthy meal delivery service that provides low-calorie, pre-packaged meals to its clients, as well as providing all of the meals to this family. When it comes to caring for the children, Angie and Carl split duties, with Angie taking the lead with her son Kayden and Carl with his daughter Joann.

The Food Network Stars and best-selling authors Pat and Gina Neely live in Memphis, and they too are heavily involved in food. Married almost 20 years and star in the show “Down Home with the Neelys.” As a couple that lives and works together, Pat and Gina spend a lot of time together.

When it’s time for the swap, the viewers are going to see a shocker. Angie arrives in Memphis stocked with her pre-packaged meals. This leaves Pat with a shocking impression as he wonders why anyone would bring their own food! Quickly, the supermodel reveals that she not eat fried foods and she spends an awkward first evening. Tensions really flare later in the week when Angie is taxed with helping Pat prepare dinner for a local food critic. With the stress and pressure rising, Pat and Angie hit a boiling point.

Gina doesn’t seem to be doing much better back in Los Angeles. She is finding it hard to adapt to the whole pre-packaged meals routine, as well as the way Carl and Angie delegate responsibilities with their respective children.

When it’s time for rules change, the ladies throw the rules out the door. Angie arranges a group dinner at a local restaurant so they can all spend time together, without the work of cooking an elaborate meal. Angie also shares some of her modeling tips with Pat during a surprise photo shoot. Gina is determined to get rid of the pre-packaged meals and get Angie’s family cooking together, so she plans a BBQ. Gina also wants to see the parents work together with the kids and puts together some additional nighttime activities.

Fans who love Angie Everhart (or want to check out her obsession about pre-packaged foods) should tune into “Celebrity Wife Swap” airing Tuesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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