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Angi3 does some “Damage” with her latest TommY BoY release

Angi3: "Damage"
Angi3: "Damage"
Courtesy of TommY BoY Entertainment

“Damage” is rising confrontational princess-pop star Angi3’s 4th single on TommY BoY Entertainment. The three previous tracks from this urban glam (soon-to-be) icon offered the impression that the fearless club scene warrior was indestructible. Laced with fierce attitude and fortified by limitless pep, the legit spit from this street savvy hip-pop brat forged an impenetrable front. Angi3 was tough, smart, and sassy, a wry vixen with a confident swagger because she was titanium.

Until now.

“Damage” is proof that this artist does indeed have a vulnerable side. She can hurt . . . bad! The track rotates her diamond till a new hue is refracted in the pulsing light of the DJ booth. With this song, it is apparent that as resilient as she is on the outside, inside Angi3 can still receive an emotional gut punch that leaves her dazed and wounded.

The warm, low buzz of the synthesizer and the poignant chug-whoosh of drums provide the perfectly disheveled bed for Angi3’s pained lyrics. She sings with the alluring gravel of morning after vocals. You feel her distress!

The track is a striking contrast to her previously established persona as it reveals her inner fragility. “Damage” is a testament to the true depth and versatility present at the core of this gifted individual. This stirring synth ballad should give Angi3 the critical acclaim she has long deserved.

For more information, like Angi3 on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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