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Anger over voting mishap turned into blessing

The count begins
The count begins
Photo by Ed Giles/Getty Images

If one wanted something done right, it was better done themselves. Last week, early voting took place over the school bond issue in Wichita Falls. After having only two emails promising a ride to either Sikes Senter Mall, Home Depot, or The Wichita County Courthouse. As soon as the notification for rides came out on Facebook’s Community for a Better Bond website, my sign up was done. It felt like a futile effort though. The line for a ride to the polls never formed, even after a lot of promises were made.

This was not about being first in line. When a free ride was offered, one didn’t hem and haw, they jumped at the chance in avoiding paying cabs. May 10 was predicted to be a madhouse because of the last dash to the polls before 7 p.m. It was easier getting my vote in early because of my being in a wheelchair. Cab service and costs weren’t always a sure thing but they came after my calling them. The only time during the last 30 years of my voting, my only missed vote was when, Ann Richards won the Texas Governor race over Clayton Williams.

When this organization made a wise-cracking remark last Wednesday on their website about being able to vote early or on May 10 as long as they were registered to vote, it was time to make arrangements to vote myself. The person that contacted me on Monday that same week was out of town, but promised to make arrangements when they returned later that day. After waiting all day Tuesday, most of the day Wednesday and after seeing that painfully obvious remark, my fuse was lit. Seeing their comment that someone was to contact me that day, (no one did ) my plans were set to go myself.

  • Kim A. Taylor So far, KAUZ Channel 6 has reported over 1,900 people have voted early.April 30 at 12:30pm
  • Kim A. Taylor Still waiting to hear when my ride will be.April 30 at 12:33pm ·
  • Community For A Better Bond Kim A. Taylor They will be in touch today.April 30 at 12:36pm
  • Community For A Better Bond As long as you are registered, you can vote during early voting or on election day.April 30 at 12:39pm
  • Kim A. Taylor Yes my aim was the early voting option because of my disabled status and the mad rush on May 10th. The cab service around WF. stinks and the bus line was elusive. April 30 at 1:02pm
  • Kim A. Taylor My no vote has been cast so my ride can be given to another who needed it May 1 at 1:51pm

Now, my church pastor gave a gentle reprimand about my temper this Sunday past after seeing my Facebook post before 3 p.m. last week. He understood my position during the fundraiser after morning service that day. Being gentle with this organization and angry on my own wall prevented my profile from being removed.

The Bible said in Proverbs 15:1

A gentle answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger. (NIV)

Some good had occurred in spite of my having to call a cab to vote, such as:.

  1. Meeting long time friends. One was from my church, one was from my mother’s church and a friend from MSU
  2. Meeting a healer in the bathroom at Sears where she prayed for me. The healing took place in my mind, not my body.
  3. Buying a pretzel and a small soda cost about the same as a ride home. It had been a long time since my buying one of those from Pretzelmaker
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