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Anger is the Mask for hurt

Upside of Anger (2005)

Resentment can hurt someone to grow as a person and not letting go of past wounds will not only damage the one who keeps holding the resentment but also to their love ones as well. Resentment scares away love or pushes love away. Being angry about past misfortunes will not let anyone grow as a person. Once the individual is ready to let go of resentment one can be able to receive and give love. Terry Wolfmeyer (Joan Allen) had an enormous amount of resentment that built barriers among her daughters and current lover Kevin Costner (Denny Davies) all the while not knowing that she did. Her hurt appeared when her estranged husband did not come home one day from work. Her assumptions took the best of her. Making her relationships’ with her daughters more rigid, mother and daughter relationships usually aren’t that smooth but resentment makes it even more difficult than ever. Her daughters are: Hadley Wolfmeyer (Alicia Witt) the eldest with a spitfire tongue who is off to college. Emily Wolfmeyer (Kerri Russell) is an inspiring dancer who sacrifices meals to have the ballerina figure and is the sweetest one out of all the daughters. Andy Wolfmeyer (Erika Christensen) the third child who decides that going to college is not for her and has a unique taste in men. The youngest is Lavender “Popeye” Wolfmeyer (Evan Rachel Wood), she is in her teens searching for the truth and meaning through this whole situation. Eventually, the truth comes out or the reason why Mr. Wolfmeyer never came home and Terry Wolfmeyer could finally let go of her hurt and take the peace that she needed. The film Upside of Anger gives a glimpse on how damaging resentment can be within meaningful relationships.


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