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Angelshare: Winter Cocktail Program Highlights Local Spirits & Eats

Angelshare: Winter Cocktail Program Highlights Local Spirits & Eats
Angelshare: Winter Cocktail Program Highlights Local Spirits & Eats
Krista Ahlgrim

The Denver Passport and Industry Denver are teaming up for a winter cocktail program that highlights local distilleries and restaurants. Dubbed Angelshare, the 12-week program will introduce you to knew spirits and eats.

Starting on January 29, there will be six two-week installments of the Angelshare program. Every two week rotation will pair a different restaurant and distillery and feature a different theme.

For each installment restaurants will host a $5 cocktail. A dollar from each cocktail will be donated to Heroes Like Us, which is a program designed to bring recognition to Denver’s food and drink scene by supporting non profits and the culinary community.

Installment 1 January 29 - February 11: Ancestrals

Breckenridge Distillery & Star Bar

Dancing Pines Distillery & Lola

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Jax

Downslope Distilling & Freshcraft

Feisty Spirits & The Curtis Club

J&L Distilling Company & Coohills

Installment 2 February 12 - February 25: Flips, Fizzes & Noggs

Breckenridge Distillery & Coohills

Dancing Pines Distillery & Star Bar

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Lola

Downslope Distilling & Jax

Feisty Spirits & Freshcraft

J&L Distilling Company & The Curtis Club

Installment 3 February 26 - March 11: Mardi Gras

Breckenridge Distillery & The Curtis Club

Dancing Pines Distillery & Coohills

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Star Bar

Downslope Distilling & Lola

Feisty Spirits & Jax

J&L Distilling Company & Freshcraft

Installment 4 March 12 - March 25: Distillers Choice

Breckenridge Distillery & Freshcraft

Dancing Pines Distillery & The Curtis Club

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Coohills

Downslope Distilling & Star Bar

Feisty Spirits & Lola

J&L Distilling Company & Jax

Installment 5 March 26 - April 8: Highballs & Collins

Breckenridge Distillery & Jax

Dancing Pines Distillery & Freshcraft

Deerhammer Distilling Company & The Curtis Club

Downslope Distilling & Coohills

Feisty Spirits & Star Bar

J&L Distilling Company & Lola

Installment 6 April 9 - April 22: Tropicals, Punches & Patio Cocktails

Breckenridge Distillery & Lola

Dancing Pines Distillery & Jax

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Freshcraft

Downslope Distilling & The Curtis Club

Feisty Spirits & Coohills

J&L Distilling Company & Star Bar

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