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Angels in our mist

Those people who want or require the abilities of a caregiver will tell us how difficult the road has been. However, the caregiver themselves will only say they did what was needed’. Caregivers are a select few in our communities which give and keep giving to nurture the person and the sole. Many times the true dimensions of the caregiving are unknown to the family. Frequently, the caregiver is the only one to know the abundance of care, personal sacrifice and heart breaking love which goes into the best of caregiving roles.

Although we see them on a day to day basis; many of us do not even know if there is another family someplace. What we do know is when things are tuff; they are with us to serve. Caregivers are known by many names, angels, supports, wives, daughters, sons, husbands, CNAs, Home Health Care specialist and so many more. And with all of these names and acknowledgements, have we taken time to say ‘Thank You’.

We are caught up in our own lives with families of our own, jobs and suddenly Mom or Dad become ill or injured. We look and here are these wonderful people who come in and begin the tasks of caring with a quiet and caring softness about them. Make no mistake they can and do burst forth with the amount of strength necessary at any time to take care of our family member. We just need to ask and they are present.

Should there be a caregiver in the family providing for one who is ill or injured, please say ‘Thank You’. Provide these wonder special people with a break and allow them to recharge their batteries. Then acknowledge publicly the time, care and love which was showered on the member of our family.

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