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Angelina Love returns to TNA, Reunion with The Beautiful People is on hold

On Thursday March 13, former TNA Knockout champion Angelina Love returned to IMPACT wrestling for the first time in nearly two years. During the episode of IMPACT, Angelina came out to the ring to talk with her former partner Velvet Sky about reuniting The Beautiful People. However, it appears things may not be as simple as Angelina had hope for. Not only was Velvet needing more time to think about this reunion, but according to a March 15 report by, it appears that the third member of the group Madison Rayne has rejected this reunion.

Angelina Love returns to TNA, Reunion with The Beautiful People appears to be on hold
Wikimedia Commons: Angel Vazquez

On Friday March 14, TNA taped episodes of IMPACT wrestling for the next two weeks, and during these episodes, things get more complicated between Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Angelina and Velvet seem to be closer to reuniting but Madison stated she wants no part of the group. Additionally, there was friction between Love and Rayne due to the disrespectful attitude Angelina had toward Madison. This in-ring encounter will air on the March 20 episode of IMPACT.

Also at Friday's TNA IMPACT tapings, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky would have a disagreement over what happened with Madison Rayne; which led to Angelina telling Velvet that she's facing Madison Rayne later on. This encounter will take place on the March 27 episode of IMPACT.

Despite the ups and downs Angelina Love and Velvet Sky have had since late 2007, the duo remains popular with TNA fans and the desire for this team to reunite can be heard by TNA fans across the internet. Additionally, after the results for the tapings hit the news sites on Friday night, TNA fans and critics have become frustrated with this current storyline. With the latest problems that TNA has faced both creatively and financially, it would make more sense to bring back a popular team and give the fans what they want rather than what was taped on Friday.

The Beautiful People first formed in late 2007. By mid-2008, Love and Sky were arguably the most popular wrestlers in the company. The duo would have great success throughout the year and well into 2009. In fact, they helped to make the Knockout division one of the best divisions in all of wrestling.

By the spring of 2009, Madison Rayne had joined the group through an initiation. Over the next few months Love and Sky would haze Rayne on a weekly basis. By late August of 2009, Rayne was kicked out of the group. However, she would rejoin the group in September after Angelina Love was released from TNA due to issues with her visa. Lacey Von Erich was eventually brought in to the group to replace Love due to her departure.

Angelina would return to TNA in early 2010 and feud against The Beautiful People. By August of 2010, Love would reunite with Sky to the delight of the TNA fans. The duo would stick together until the spring of 2011 before Love turned on Sky at the urging of her partner Winter. Love was gone from the company a year later.

Now that Angelina is back, do you readers think they should reform The Beautiful People?

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