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Angelina Jordan, 8-year-old singer, takes the world by storm

Angelina Jordan is the world’s newest star. While Justin Bieber may have found fame and fortune on YouTube and Susan Boyle found fame on a television talent show, Jordan is riding high on both mediums as her incredible singing talent skyrockets her to fame. At only 8 years of age, Jordan – from Norway - is making beautiful noise across the Internet with videos of her performing some demanding classic vocal works, according to People magazine on Wednesday.

Angelina Jordan
YouTube screenshot

There is a late night show in Norway called Senkveld. Jordan appeared on the show in March and performed a Frank Sinatra-classic song, according to the Huffington Post published Thursday. Her jazzy-styled rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon” blew people away and was just the most recent performance that pushed her career forward. Though she is eight-years-old now, she was only 7-years-old in March when she performed on the show. In the two months since she performed on the show, the video is net nearly 4 million views.

She wasn’t discovered on the late night show “Senkveld,” however. She was discovered in a television program called “Norway’s Got Talent” (“Norske Talenter”). Angelina Jordan is being praised for being a contemporary throwback to the days when songs were songs and jazz voices were truly jazz voices. Yet, she has done more contemporary-styled songs which have caught fire on the Internet as well. She killed it with her rendition of Cher’s “Bang, Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down.”

Since she has been discovered as a sensational jazz-styled talent, other videos of her past performances are finding their way onto YouTube. There is a rendition of her performing a Billie Holliday song – “Gloomy Sunday” - as well as other classic songs. Click on the video attached to this article and prepare to be amazed. Furthermore, find Angelina’s other performances on YouTube and be blown away even more.

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