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Angelina Jolie Weight: Angie's extreme diet secrets revealed

Angelina Jolie is a bone thin celebrity, but she is starving herself for a reason.
Wikimedia Commons

Actress Angelina Jolie is using her weight in Hollywood social circles to make a political statement. If starving children in the world can't eat, neither should she. Passing up meals with alarming regularity, the Hollywood icon continues to keep up her hectic schedule with less calories.

The extreme diet she places herself on out of moral convictions allegedly has her partner and baby daddy Brad Pitt worried. And worried he should be! While there is a fine line between starving yourself for attention and affection like an anorexic girl often does and refusing to eat because you are like Ghandi, if Angie were to contract a strange illness while visiting a third world country, she might not have enough body weight left to bounce back easily.

Think of a world without Angelina Jolie in it if you were Brad Pitt. Seriously. Imagine being a single father with 6 celebrity kids who all worship and adore their celebrity mommy. If Angelina Jolie continues to let herself waste away, it won't just be Hollywood film makers or modeling agencies who are not interested in working with her. Her own family may have to deprive themselves of their famous mother's company if she physically gets too weak!

Beyond starving herself, Angie is also rumored not to get much sleep. Though she is not the type to thrive with little rest, her schedule is so hectic she rarely can find 6-8 uninterrupted hours in a day to catch some Z's. Mix a poor diet (which is tiring enough) with little to no regular hours of sleep and you end up with a woman who is too frazzled to be of much use to anybody.

For these reasons, please -- Angie... eat extra calories, get a good nights sleep whenever you can, and nap regularly. Your kids need you... Brad loves you... and your fans adore you. Stay healthy so you can keep having more children and making movies. Please?


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