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Angelina Jolie wedding news upstaged by Jennifer Aniston wax statue?

Angelina Jolie news! On Dec. 15, 2012 -- just days before the end of the year that Angelina Jolie is rumored to be marrying Brad Pitt -- a news report was released that a new Jennifer Aniston wax figure on display at Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum has been totally re-sculpted to display her engagement ring. What's next -- Jennifer stealing Angie's thunder by announcing her own unplanned pregnancy and eloping?

Jennifer Aniston, nemesis of Angelina Jolie. Do you think she really is like the girl next door or is she just another fake celebrity?
Getty Images (Examiner)
Actress Jennifer Aniston: real or fake? The Hollywood celebrity made Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum create a third statue of her because she did not like the previous images. The 2012 model wears a replica of her massive engagement ring.
Wikimedia Commons

OMG reported that, "Madame Tussauds has unveiled a new waxwork of Jennifer Aniston, complete with a replica of her massive eight-carat engagement ring." Her insistence on having a third statue made and having it unveiled now -- right before Angie's wedding -- makes the actress look a bit shallow, jealous of the star, and petty. [Yes, this is the third stature they have made for her because she claimed to be unhappy with the previous likenesses.]

The 43-year-old actress's lifelike statue has immortalized her tanned and toned form in a sexy halter-neck little black dress with floral embroidery and strappy black heels.

Aside from an overall shiny sheen, the 'Friends' star's likeness was practically perfect down to the minimalist style, blown-out locks, and frosty eyeshadow which brought out her baby blue eyes.

When seen side-by-side with the real with real Aniston, the museum clearly captured her smirk and delicate features after two past efforts had fallen short.

According to the source, "Her figure joined fellow celebs Jennifer Lopez, Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as her former husband Brad Pitt and his fiancé Angelina Jolie at the museum's Big Apple location."

USA Today added that the eight carat bauble made the wax figure look complete. But really, was the publicity stunt necessary?

After all, once Angelina Jolie got her engagement ring from Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston quickly showed up with a bigger gem on her finger. She stole Brad and Angie's thunder announcing she is marrying Justin Theroux.

She further embarrassed the celebrity couple by inviting her ex's mother to her wedding -- knowing that Brad's mom and Angie are rumored to be having difficulties getting along. Angelina is rumored to not like spending the holidays in the Midwest with his conservative Republican family and it bothers grandma.

Jen, on the other hand (as the girl next door and without any particular left-leaning or humanitarian streak in her nature), was the perfect daughter-in-law. It's just Ange is the one who was willing to give birth to Pitt's children (not the career and fitness obsessed Aniston). The "Friends" star was known for being as sincere about wanting to have babies with her ex as her new wax statue has depth of character; her claims about wanting to be a mom when they were married were as fake as the figurine say insiders who have worked with the celebrity.

By making sure she stays in media focus for her engagement and her involvement with Brad Pitt's family, Jen Aniston might be marrying Justin Theroux but she's making it perfectly clear to everybody that in her mind, she is still Brad Pitt's leading lady. Angelina Jolie will always be labeled as the woman who stole her man -- which is unfortunate because her baby daddy really truly is happier with their lifestyle acting as humanitarians and co-parenting a big family.


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