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Angelina Jolie tries to get good PR in Haiti


Angelina Jolie is out for positive PR
(Source: AP)

Hmmm.....what do you do when your breakup with Brad Pitt garners awful press? Here's an idea: Let's visit hospitalized Haitians in the Dominican Republic. Who knows? Maybe we should also pose with Haitian orphans to win some extra points!

Yup folks, welcome to Angelina Jolie PR 101. It is so basic, but there are still gullible people out there who think this home-wrecker is actually some type of saint. But Haitians are easy to take advantage of these days, aren't they Angie? Rafael Guzman, a celebrity watcher in Indianapolis, says, "Whatever Angelina's intentions--this is a bad moment for her to be in Haiti. People are suspicious of her motives."

In any case, Angelina Jolie did her Mother Theresa act by visiting a bunch of families in a hospital, taking pictures with them, and signing autographs. We can all expect Angelina to steal adopt a nice, beautiful Haitian baby soon--one that matches her purse and gym bag.

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  • LC 5 years ago

    Her face looks so...weird. Are you sure that's not an Angelina impersonator?

  • alas 5 years ago

    at least she is doing something good to those suffers, better than just sitting at home and write something cruel but useless article.

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