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Angelina Jolie: The truth shall set us free


Angelina Jolie/AP Photo

Angelina Jolie

June 4, 1975

09:09 AM

Los Angeles CA, USA

A fellow humanitarian for world refugees wrote in requesting information on Angelina Jolie's birth chart. Below is what the stars have to say about this beauty in the limelight.

Angelina’s chart begins with Pluto retrograde in Libra in the Third House. This placement lets us know Angelina is not a superficial person. When it comes to relationships, she requires a deep level of intimacy. She seeks the truth and will delve deeply to uncover the heart of any situation. We can expect Angelina to write a screenplay or a book, as she is a talented writer.

In the Fourth House, Uranus is found retrograde in Libra. Angelina couldn’t care less about following social norms. She feels, as long as others aren’t being negatively affected by one’s actions, that people should be free to do as they please. She is very independent and multi-talented. With Uranus semi-square Neptune, there is a tendency to exhibit unpredictable and seemingly bizarre behavior from time to time. 

In the Fifth House, Neptune is retrograde in Sagittarius. Angelina has great faith in the next generation. She loves children and she’s also good at entertaining them. She has a philosophical and optimistic mind. Angelina is tolerant of others’ beliefs, but sees the unity beyond conservative religions. She was destined for foreign travel and will continue to travel abroad.

It should come as no surprise that the Ninth House in Angelina’s chart is filled with three planets, all in Aries. Mars is first to appear and indicates Angelina has a restless motivation to expose truths in life. This motivation is gutsy, spirited and sometimes too impulsive. She has a bit of a temper, driven by her intense emotions. Mars is conjunct Jupiter which tells us, at an early age, Angelina had determined to make a success of her career. This conjunction also indicates further involvement in politics. She’s an excellent diplomat. With Mars trine Neptune, we know Angelina has a highly-creative mind. She’s nearly a sage when it comes to matters of unity. And when it comes to beliefs, God is not a being, God is a feeling. 

 Next in the Ninth House is the Moon. This placement again tells is Angelina is unusually candid in conversation. She’s so independent, she may feel lonely at times. Material items don’t impress her. Time spent abroad will be a continuingl ritual for Angelina. With the Sun sextile the Moon, Angelina feels a special connection with children. As she grows older, she will develop a special connection with the elderly as well. The Moon is also conjunct Mars and Jupiter. Angelina was destined to be a leader of a cause. Her actions will be life-changing for many others. She’s also a natural counselor. Those close to her tend to turn to her for advice, and she gives it well. With the Moon square Saturn, Angelina needs to work harder than the average person in controlling her emotions. Sometimes emotional spikes can lead to loss of understanding and intimacy. 

The last planet in the Ninth House is Jupiter. Again, this is a placement indicating Angelina was born to be a leader. She’s so brave in her endeavors to bring awareness to truth, she could encounter a dangerous situation at some point. She’s a warrior. Jupiter is also trine Neptune. We can therefore expect Angelina to help enlighten others to certain truths through sharing her personal insights. She is incredibly spiritually grounded. 

In the Eleventh House, the Sun is in Gemini. This again is a placement for a leader with a clear vision of a better tomorrow. Additionally, this placement supports Angelina’s writing and research abilities. Perhaps her written screenplay-to-come will be a profound documentary. Bettering the lives of others is a key theme in her life. The Sun sextile Mars and Jupiter are positive aspects for Angelina. This indicates those intense emotions mentioned previously can be put to good use. Additionally, aside from being tolerant, she’s incredibly fair. She has a great understanding of fairness and law, and sometimes fairness versus the law. She distrusts many who hold a position of power, and probably with good reason.   

Also in the Eleventh House is Mercury retrograde in Gemini. Angelina is a great judge of character. She sees the big picture and has a true humanitarian vision/ theme throughout her entire chart thus far. Angelina is very quick witted. She has a comeback for everything. 

In the Twelfth House, Saturn is found in Cancer. This placement is indicative of those accustomed to self-sacrifice. Angelina will give almost anything for the sake of helping others, including her personal freedoms. It would be of help for Angelina to take a little “me time”. 

The last planet in Angelina’s chart is Venus in Cancer in the Twelfth House. This placement lets us know Angelina always envisioned the family she has today. She’s living in her ideal place and feels truly at home there. She will forever be understanding of others, sincere, and giving. 

* The information in the above article is not the opinion of the author, but rather an astrological interpretation based upon the placement of the planets in the houses of the celebrity’s birth chart. Charts are said to be less accurate when the time of birth is not known. Chart pulled, courtesy of Science of Astrology. To have your own birth chart e-mailed to you for only $10, please visit Science of Astrology. **50% of all chart order proceeds for the entire month of January are donated to Haiti earthquake victims through the World Food Programme.


  • octojolie 5 years ago

    thank god she and billy bob never mated.
    by god I mean jesus...
    and the lord...
    merry xmas.

  • Blood Necklaces 5 years ago

    I would have loved to see a Billy Bob Jolie hellion running around. Would be the most fudged up kid you ever saw. Even more than that crazy crackalaka Pat Robertson.

  • emma 5 years ago

    she is such a wonderful person. i think she outgrew billy bob.

  • jasmine 5 years ago

    I like this and I think it is on point! I wonder if she and brad will last. brad says he doesnt believe in any life after death. she might outgrow him to!

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