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Angelina Jolie tattoos: Angelina Jolie credited with starting tattoo craze?

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Everyone knows actress Angelina Jolie has tattoos, but one news organization is claiming the Hollywood movie star is one of the main people responsible for starting the tattoo craze in America. Noting that she has a number of high-profile tattoos, in the special feature article titled "What's Fueling The Ink Craze" published April 30th, 2012 CBS News indicated that the glamorous movie star getting tattoos to mark memorable passages of events in her life was one of the reasons all the reality television shows like Miami Ink and tattoo artists like Kat Von D have been able to be so successful.

The mainstream media outlet has a point. What Hollywood stars do that relates to lifestyles as well as fashion do tend to have an impact on pop culture. What do you think, readers? Do celebrity tattoos make you want to get inked yourself or do you think getting a tattoo is far too personal of a decision to be influenced by the ink people see pictures of on trendy stars?

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