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Angelina Jolie discusses yoga workouts for Maleficent and ovarian cancer surgery

Angelina Jolie talks yoga workout for 'Malificent': 'I have no patience for yoga'
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Angelina Jolie did yoga workouts to prepare for her flying scenes in "Maleficent," but did them begrudgingly.

"I was forced to do yoga because [to fly] you have to have your core strength to be able to hold yourself," Jolie told USA Today.

Jolie's close friend, trainer, and longtime stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart (who is the godmother of Angelina's daughter, Shiloh) put her through the paces with yoga moves.

"She made me do yoga," said Jolie. "And I have no patience for yoga. It's not something I do easily, because I'm not a still person."

In the end, the Maleficent flying sequences turned out beautifully, and Angelina had lots of fun. "I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I get to fly," she said. "I really feel like I'm flying!"

Jolie is doing well now a year after getting a preventive double mastectomy, but plans to undergo more surgery to ward off ovarian cancer.

In February 2013, Angelina underwent a preventive double mastectomy after genetic tests revealed she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene, which gave her an 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer and a 50 percent chance of contracting ovarian cancer.

As a result of her mastectomy, Jolie's breast-cancer risk has dropped to under five percent. Jolie's mother, aunt, uncle, grandmother and grandfather all died from cancer, forcing the Oscar winner to take the radical step of preemptively removing both her breasts.

Angelina will soon get her ovaries removed. The ovary-removal procedure, called an oophorectomy, will lower the risk of ovarian cancer by 80 to 90 percent by reducing the amount of estrogen and progesterone circulating in the body.

Jolie revealed she got a preventive double mastectomy in a widely read May 2013 New York Times op-ed. Looking back, Angelina is happy she went public because it raised awareness of cancer prevention. She said she's touched by all the people she meets who share their own cancer stories with her.

"Wherever I go, usually I run into women and we talk about health issues, women’s issues, breast cancer, ovarian cancer," she said. "It makes me feel closer to other people who deal with the same things. I was very, very moved by all the support and kindness from so many people.”

The mom of six, who has been a United Nations goodwill ambassador since 2001, discussed how her charity work changed her outlook on life in her memoir, Notes from My Travels.

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