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Angelina Jolie: Pat O’Brien boasts of Jolie's sexual innuendo in elevator

Angelina Jolie hits on Pat O'Brien in elevator, so claims his new book!
Photo by Ken Ishii/Getty Images

It seems that Angelina Jolie was very straight forward when running into Pat O’Brien, the former host of “Access Hollywood” and “The Insider.” It was back in 2002, shortly after Jolie had split with Billy Bob Thornton when O’Brien got on the elevator at the Beverly Hills Hotel only to have Jolie say something that has stayed with the former host all these years, according to E Online Aug. 23.

O’Brien’s new book, “I’ll Be Right Back After This” is spilling all his secrets. This encounter with Jolie started with O'Brien opening up the conversation with a cool “What’s up baby?” Jolie responded by saying “I’m trying to find this guy that I kind of know because I’m really horny right now.”

The conversation ended with O’Brien jokingly telling Jolie that she had his number and the two of them laughed, said O’Brien. The 66-year-old television personality is much older than Jolie and he is one of her father’s closest friends, according to MSN News.

The remarks that O’Brien attributes to Jolie have made numerous headlines and Jolie has yet to respond to this. He has interviewed Jolie for his TV shows, so they were no strangers to each other. His friendship with Jon Voight is a close one, so close that Voight even turned to O’Brien for advice on winning his daughter back a while ago.

Jolie has made no secrets about her estranged relationship with her father in the past and Voight was heartsick over the loss of communication with his daughter. He then went on to “Access Hollywood” with O’Brien as host and made a tearful public plea for Jolie to get help with her “serious mental problems.”

That was also back in 2002, the same year O’Brien ran into Jolie on the elevator. Voight thought that his TV appearance would win his daughter back. His attempt didn’t seem to work because the father and daughter didn’t reconcile until late 2009.

Jolie was a wild child in her younger days, which she has never tried to hide. Her encounter with O’Brien in the elevator is far from shocking, as she could have been just pulling O’Brien’s leg, knowing that he is friends with her father.

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