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Angelina Jolie is both an amazing actor and a wife and mother

Marriage becomes them
Marriage becomes them
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Serving a family is often one of the most underrated services performed in America. A mother takes hours to feed and clothe her children to get them ready for school. A father helped to load the van with baby strollers and back packs while carrying his infant child in his arms. Although this scene was witnessed in Petworth as a family was loading into their red Ford Escape SUV on Wednesday August 27, 2014, it is a scene repeated by hard working American couples every single day.

Serving a model family of four people takes planning, patience, and perseverance so imagine the hours of service and dedication it takes to manage a family twice that size. Enter Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with their family of eight. On Saturday the world received the news that Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt were married in France. However, taking care of a large family has been part of the couple’s routine since they made the decision to adopt children and to give them a home.

Angelina Jolie has long been admired for her humanitarian work with the United Nations and her proactive fight against breast cancer. Now her leadership in family life and taking care of children has given young women the hope that they can have both careers and children if both parties work together. Brad Pitt has been frequently photographed being a hands on father to his children. Now he is both a hands on father and husband.

The courage to marry when the divorce rate in America stands at 50 percent is both a testament to hope and a very strong belief in carrying on a tradition that existed for thousands of years. The CDC reports in 2013:

  • Number of marriages: 2,118,000
  • Marriage rate: 6.8 per 1,000 total population
  • Divorce rate: 3.6 per 1,000 population (44 reporting States and D.C.)

People of goodwill are wishing the newly wed couple good luck in their new marriage. George Clooney said it was great news as he prepares to take the awesome step himself. With so many obstacles to having a successful marriage today it is amazing when young people still take the challenge to get married and to stay married. Marriage is very hard work and staying faithful is even harder work.

Despite the doom and gloom reported in the media about the death of marriage, many American couples are still making the promise to remain together until death does them part. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie now are part of that number who believe that marriage becomes them.

The Challenge of Marriage by Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., opens with this passage, "We do know love. Every generation has its poets and singers to praise it, its cynics and misanthropes to attack it, and its psychologists and philosophers to explain it. No one denies that love is. We argue only about what love is. For there are many definitions of love as there are lovers," Dreikurs said.

Poet Tupac Shakur wrote many beautiful poems in his book of poetry, The Rose That Grew From Concrete, however, a favorite poem from the writer's poetry classes at Howard University was Nothing Can Come Between Us. This is a fitting tribute to love and friendship. "Let's not talk of money. Let us forget the world. For a moment let's just revel in our eternal comradery. In my heart I know there will never be day that I don't remember the times we shared. You were a friend when I was at my lowest and being a friend to me was not easy or fashionable. Regardless of how popular I become you remain my unconditional friend. Unconditional in its truest sense. Did you think I would forget? Did you for one moment dream that I would ignore you? If so remember this from here to forever, nothing can come between us."

When the call was made to the present writer's father from the American Embassy to his residence in Eau Claire to say that the father of the woman he had met and fallen in love with on September 2, 1984, as he prayed in church, was awaiting the father's blessing to get married; the writer's father gave his permission and also gave the best advice a father can give to his son. He said, "Son, always remember that if she isn't happy, then you are not happy." It was good advice 30 years ago at the start of the relationship and it is still good advice 30 years later today.

Happy marriage to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. There will be a follow up article in 30 years from now to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the marriage.

Happy 30th anniversary, Anne.

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