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Angelina Jolie helping Syrian children bigger news than celebrity feud?

In a celebrity news photo of Angelina Jolie released by Getty Images on Feb. 24, 2014, the actress and mother of six was seen visiting Syrian children of families who are political refugees. Fortunately, the news of the humanitarian's good deeds was featured in the celebrity news spotlight far more often on Google news this week than articles about the ongoing celebrity feud being fueled between Jennifer Aniston and the Oscar award-winning actress by late night talk show host Chelsea Handler -- something sure to be of benefit to the displaced children and their families.

Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie visited Syrian children who are refugees in 2014.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

The Washington Post, a mainstream media outlet (rather than entertainment news source), shared news of the star's good deeds and gave fans a bit of insight about the nature of Jolie's visit to the war-torn region overseas. On Feb, 24, they compassionately reported, "Actress Angelina Jolie, a U.N. special envoy, [met] with young Syrian refugees at an informal tented settlement in Zahle, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. Jolie [during] a three-day visit to Lebanon to meet with some of the thousands of refugees who have fled the civil war in Syria."

Celebrity Gossip Net further confirmed, "The UN High Commissioner for Refugees stated that Jolie described her time with the Syrian orphans in eastern Bekaa Valley as a "heart-rending experience."" The entertainment news source implied the visit was one more trip on behalf of the United Nations the famous movie star is not likely to have taken lightly.

[Handler's ongoing verbal attacks on Angelina Jolie were noted in a 2014 article about celebrity feuds published by Newser recently.]

Jolie, long hated by many Hollywood gossip followers for allegedly stealing Jennifer Aniston's husband Brad Pitt away while they filmed the blockbuster movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," has devoted countless hours over the years serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. Her life's work seems to be helping children, worldwide victims of natural disasters, and political refugees.

While critics like late night talk show host Chelsea Handler continue to criticize Angelina on TV and in the media for her romantic tie, her advocates say that whether or not she and Pitt accidentally fell in love is hardly something to condemn her for as a person. For instance, in his 2013 stand up comedy special called "I'm Here To Help", another late nigh talk show host came to Jolie's defense.

The Spit Take noted in a DVD review of Craig Ferguson's comedy special show, the highly intelligent comedian had quipped, “Angelina Jolie… the U.N. ambassador for children. What a f****** b****!" He then launched into poignantly logical social issues tirade about the kind of people that would overlook her good deeds so many years later. What he said (essentially about their intelligence) was not very flattering.

Ferguson openly suggested the kind of person who would look back in history and say whatever nasty thing they wanted to about a person they did not like is likely the same sort of person who would take time out of their busy lives to praise Hilter for being a vegetarian. Yes, Hitler was a vegetarian, he noted -- but went on to quickly explain his sarcastic tone by saying that talking about the German's strangely humane eating habits as if they somehow redeemed his character overall was an absurd way to revise history. He paralleled those people with those who now cast aspersions on Angelina Jolie for being less than perfect when she has clearly done so many other things that are wonderful in her life -- things that should in theory not be dismissed because she played a part in breaking up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

If a single positive or negative action are the way folks should be judged by other people over time, the famous Nazi war party leader could theoretically have his war crimes overlooked because he did not eat meat while Jolie should be historically condemned for getting involved with a man who was already on the outs with his wife and very unhappily married. That logical fallacy is not one that sits well with the talk show host, not with most people who tend to think analytically rather than emotionally.

Seeing Angelina Jolie's latest celebrity news photo provides a compelling reason for celeb news fans to let bygones be bygones between Angie and Jenn in favor of pragmatically promoting world peace. The look on the faces of the children and people she meets when she is overseas traveling on behalf of the United Nations (as well as her own sincere efforts to use her star power wisely) appear to be a far more accurate testament to her true character than any negative or seemingly scandalous past activity. Like this article on Facebook or share this news story if you agree.

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