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Angelina Jolie chooses helping refugees over wedding planning

Actress Angelina Jolie puts helping others above her own needs. The Hollywood actress elected to spend time helping Syrian political refugees over wedding planning with partner Brad Pitt. She's making a plea for goverments and citizens to help the cause.
Getty Images (Examiner)

Actress Angelina Jolie chooses helping refugees over wedding planning? Yes, that's the latest news from the entertainment industry as the Hollywood actress elects to help Syrians political causes over party planning for her upcoming nuptials to actor Brad Pitt.

ABC Newsroom reports that the, "world’s most famous advocate for refugees visited Jordan’s dusty and fast-growing Zaatari refugee camp for Syrians" on September 11th, 2012. According to the source, The famous Hollywood movie star was quoted describing it as “a horrific situation and a very, very critical time.”

Dodging all questions about her upcoming wedding, John Voight's daughter (as always) handled the speaking engagement with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Using her star power wisely, she made a political plea to assist Syrian refugees -- a group of civilian citizens who the actress claims are dying by the hundreds daily.

"Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie, in her role as special envoy for the United Nations Refugee Agency, toured the camp near the Syrian border that is now home almost 30,000 refugees..." said the mainstream media organization. The situation is dire in the third world country.

“I am very concerned, the world is very concerned,” Jolie said, Convincing nearly everyone listened to her speech that she spoke with utter sincerity. Even the Associated Press said her eyes were brimming with emotion when they reported the political news from Hollywood.

“What is very heartbreaking is when Syrian people ask you why you think no one is able to find a solution for them...” said the empathic actress. Jolie is a volunteer Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.

The Washington Post further reports, "Actress Angelina Jolie [routinely] visits Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and urges international politicians to take steps towards improving their situation."

Partner Brad Pitt has allegedly been handling all of the wedding planning for the celebrity couple. They are expected to wed at their private estate in the South of France sometime before the end of the year in 2012.

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