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Angelika Presentation: The Gathering of the Forces of Light

Do you wonder what is happening to the world?

Are you hopeful for your future?

A new world is being born. Despite the chaotic events reported in the daily news, a new spirit of cooperation is slowly growing among everyday people. We are learning that the most powerful force on earth is people power.

What is the way forward?

The Forces of Light have come from humanity's past and from other planets to help. Crop circles, "UFO's" or spacecraft, miracles of light and Love signal their arrival. They bring gifts of undreamed of technology, inspiration for brotherhood, reassurance that we can save our planet and ourselves. An unusual "star" has been appearing in the skies all over the world, flashing colors, moving about and creating wonder in all who see it. It is the herald of a great Teacher who leads the Forces of Light, and awaits our call. Time is short for humanity to Save Our Planet.

Learn more about this fascinating story by attending the following event:

The Gathering of Forces of Life:
UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

Angelika Film Center - Mockingbird Station (Dallas, TX)
Friday, November 16, 2012 @ 7:30PM
(866) 794-4490


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