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Angelic Connection

Blessings from beyond
Blessings from beyond

The expansion of the universe is a mere reflection of our consciousness and its capacity for infinite possibility. How will you fulfill your potential today?

Angelic Presence

It is a thin veil between our world and the angelic realm. Often times we see them, in a kind stranger, a hummingbird at our window, in an opportunity to reveal ourselves or help others. They humble us and illuminate truth in our lives. We are all children when in their presence, for their souls are far older and they have an infinite connection with the Source. In Greek, angel comes from angelos, meaning “messenger”. Acknowledge what message they bring you today, and how you can carry out your life plan with their assistance.

5 Easy Steps to Angelic Connection

· Be vulnerable. Release yourself of all responsibility and place your life in the hands of your angels.

· Make no decisions save the one they whisper to you. Feel moved and let your heart guide you in the right direction, every time, for each and every thing you do. In the deepest part of you – the truth emerges.

· Be kind, even when others are unkind to you. Each and every act of kindness brings you closer to them, and connects you to the Love-Source.

· Simplify your life. De-clutter, dust, and recycle all those things you know you don’t need on a daily basis. Live with humble surroundings. When you walk into your home or office and it is simple and beautiful, you will relax and feel as if your entire space is for meditation. The more joy you feel, the more joy you will create in your life.

· Breathe deeply, every 10 minutes if you can. Remember, giving yourself the very basic thing you need – oxygen – will tell your body that you love it and you care about it. This will resonate in your life and bring about prosperity in all things.

Meditation is a great way to connect with them, but remember, they give us opportunities all day every day to connect and make use of their wisdom. The more we become aware of their presence, the more present they will be in our lives. Let go of expectation and open your heart to them.

Your journey has just begun! (\o/)


  • Cher Green - Tarot Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article. I'm curious. I've heard that some people see fairies. Would you say these are actually angels or something different?

  • Ingrid Karazincir 5 years ago

    Angels and fairies are definitely kissing cousins, but fairies of of the earth, where angels are from an alternate dimension, the one that shifts effortlessly between the Source and our world. I think fairies are doing a similar job here, but from beneath the surface of things. Thank you for your comment!

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