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Angel still helping N.Y. Rangers win

New York Rangers on their way to Stanley Cup Finals
New York Rangers on their way to Stanley Cup Finals
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The man who three weeks ago said at a political luncheon that his deceased father’s spirit would guide the underdog New York Rangers to a 2014 Stanley Cup victory announced Thursday that the team’s victory over the Montreal Canadiens to win the Eastern Conference title is proof positive that his angelic father is leading the charge.

David Schorr, the son of Allen Schorr who passed away in 2010 and who was buried with an autographed Rangers’ team photo, said Thursday that even many of the diehard fans are beginning to believe the ‘Al Schorr Sixth Angel on the Ice’ scenario.

“Fans are emailing me saying that my dad should keep pulling for the team from the real nose bleed section,” said David Schorr, athletic director for Miami Edison High School. “My dad was a Rangers’ fan for more than 60 years. He bled red, white and blue. When the Rangers heard my dad was sick, they sent him a signed photo wishing him a speedy recovery. That was real class. I guess this is my dad’s way of saying thank you.“

New York car mechanic, Dusty Fragman, first heard of David Schorr’s angelic prediction just before the Rangers’ first round game against the Philadelphia Flyers. At first, he thought it was ridiculous. But after the Rangers beat the Flyers and then went on to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round, Fragman began to believe.

“I really don’t know how to explain it,” said Fragman. “The Rangers were a 22 to 1 longshot to win the Cup at the beginning of the season. Now they are four games away from Lord Stanley’s trophy. That’s heavenly inspiration no matter how you slice it.”

David Schorr said that in the four years since his father passed away, he’s never felt compelled to make a Stanley Cup prediction for the Rangers. But this year was different, he said. A spirit moved him and he knew it came from his dad.

“Sometimes in life you don’t know the how and why of things, you just know what you feel,” said David Schorr. “This is one of those inexplicable things where you just act on intuition; in accordance with something greater than you that moves you to act. Even when you don’t necessarily want to.”

For Canadiens fan, Steve Singletary, a Montreal truck driver, the angelic storyline is one he hopes is true.

“I’m sorry my team lost, but it would sure make the defeat a lot easier if it turns out they had some help in high places,” said Singletary with a wink. “I wish them luck.”

The Rangers a will face with the Chicago Blackhawks or the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals. David Schorr hopes the Rangers will keep one seat empty in the nosebleed section at Madison Square Garden during the finals so that his angelic dad can be remembered for the great Rangers fan – and great guy – that he was.

“He’ll be there cheering on his team,” David Schorr said. “Of that I have no doubt.”

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