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Angel Readers

Your angel guide is full of loving energy, to share with you.
Your angel guide is full of loving energy, to share with you.

When you visit with new people you meet, and really listen to what they are saying, it is amazing all the contemporary things you can learn. Recently, a new acquaintance told me she used angel readers. She is a beautiful and peaceful lady, so I decided to research what angel readers are.

What is an Angel Reader

An angel reader is a person who has experienced healing through Reiki and other loving sources. The reader channels their client, and themselves, to find their angel guides. There are special angel cards the reader can use to guide them as they talk to you. The readers stay clear of spells and curses. They use positive angel frequency when guiding you. An angel card reading can help point out the areas of your life that needs attention, which you may not be aware of.


My new friend also shared with me her experiences with an angel reader. This woman has a special positive and caring energy. She explained the angel guides provided an encouraging companion who stays with you as you live each day. They help you channel your strength when times are difficult, or you are experiencing sadness. You must have an open mind, and heart, to get the most out of your angel reading. Praying will connect you with your angel source. You are also encouraged to meditate. When you empty your mind of all thoughts, you open the pathways, to your highest spiritual essence. When you do that, you can clearly see the path, you are to take to reach your greatest good. It can also help guide you to understand your highest good does not include you being walked on or abused. The path will become clear how to protect yourself.

What does an Angel Reading reveal

The purpose of an angel reading is to allow you to see your strengths; to hear a message that is only for you, and show you how to use your gifts. If you are in a dark place an angel reading will provide you with hope and direction. An angel reader will help you find your angel guide. Your angel guide is full of loving energy, to share with you.

How to interact with your angel

You will need to keep a journal. In this journal, you are to pay attention to what you are drawn to, or how you receive information. Write down what you have observed about yourself. Note how you interact with other people during the day. Write down your feelings, and emotions. Figure out which path is the strongest on how you receive information; is it visual, is it through listening, or is it through touching? When you discover the answer you will know which channel to use to let angels come to you.


When you use an angel reader, or connect with an angel you are able to communicate at a much deeper level than the surface communication we are so accustomed to.

My Belief

When a new person crosses your path in life, listen to what they are saying to you. If it is something, you have never heard of before, research it. It may be an angel talking through your new friend to guide you to peaceful solutions.

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