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Angel priest: Mysterious man prays over accident victim not seen in 70+ pictures

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An angel priest came to the rescue of a 19-year-old girl, who was still alive after a car accident, but fading fast while stuck inside the mangled metal of her car. With firefighters unable to free her after right away, it was looking bleak for the teen to survive. After about an hour of the firefighters working on cutting the metal away, they weren't much closer to freeing Katie Lentz, who then cried out to the rescuers, “pray for me.”

According to International Design Times on Aug. 8, a voice was heard from behind the crowd on the Missouri highway where this head-on collision took place. The fire fighters and witnesses report a man with a soft, but deep voice said, “I will,” in answer to Katie's request for everyone to pray for her. The crowd parted and a priest, a middle-aged man dressed in typical priest garb of black pants, black shirt and white collar came forward and prayed for the girl.

The priest had holy oil with him and he anointed the girl's body. When he was done, he turned to the firefighters and said to calm down, your tools will now do the job. The girl said she felt calmer too. A firefighter team from a different town came to the rescue just minutes after the priest's prayers and with their new tools Katie was freed from the twisted metal.

Once Katie was on her way to the hospital, the firefighters, who credited the priest's prayers for calming them down, look around for the priest, but he was nowhere in sight. The strange part about this is that the road had been closed, so there was no way for the priest to drive up to this car wreck and he wasn't seen walking away from the scene. The most bizarre aspect of this angel priest's visit is the fact that out of the 70-plus pictures taken of the crash site, he wasn't in one.

After the crash, the family did a search for the priest in neighboring towns. In this neck of the woods, there was only one Catholic Church and this man wasn't the priest from that church. No one has answered the requests for any information about this man, adding some more strength to the belief that this was an angel who came down to help Katie.

Today some believe that he was an angel sent down to spare Katie's life, as it wasn't her time yet. As far as Katie, she still has some recuperating to do and surgery to face with internal injuries and some broken bones, but she is expected to make a full recovery.