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Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves take Youngstown, Ohio

Nashville, TN

Angel Mary & the Tennessee Werewolves
2014 Kylie Rebecca Photography
Performance Poster for AMTW
2014 AMTW

You may not have heard of them yet but you are going to be hearing about them as they are beginning to hunt and prowl from town to town and they are heading to Youngstown, Ohio on July 26th.

Should you be afraid? Only if you don’t want to run with the pack but if you are willing to cut loose and run wild and free, you will be totally fine. On a serious note, Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves will be performing at The Rodeo Hall on July 26, 2014 and you can buy tickets here.

I spoke to AMTW the other day and this is what they had to say about that upcoming performance. Oh, everyone should know that this group starts every conversation off with a huge HOWL!!!


Q I want to talk to you about this gig in Ohio. What is going on there?

AMTW They have got a benefit there called, “Benefit for the Battle Buddy Foundation.” It is for the animals that help the troops when they come home and they have medical issues, they have these service animals that are trained specifically to help these wounded service men and service women. The daytime show is to benefit that foundation.

Q That very cool and very nice of AMTW. These animals are service animals so they are trained in more than just helping a blind Veteran?


Q I have heard of service animals that are actually trained to know right before someone has a seizure.

AMTW Right, they can tell ahead of time. It’s all that kind of thing. These animals in military, they are helping all the wounded warriors.

Q I know that they are all service dogs. Where can I find out more about that organization?

AMTW Google Battle Buddy Foundation and it is The Battle Buddy Foundation and it is

Q Where can the folks reading this article learn more about your appearance at Rodeo Concert Hall and Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves?

AMTW They can check out the Rodeo Facebook page and absolutely stop by our website and or Facebook page.

With that we said goodbye but not before I got my goodbye HOWL! You seriously need to check out this one of a kind family!

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