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Angel almost gets wings

Don't ring any bells.  For the first time in 3 kids we had a full blown fall tonight.  The Angel started at the top of the stairs and thudded all the way to the bottom. 

He is well, but the stairs may need replacing.

We're not sure what exactly happened, but suspect foul-play.  His sister was last seen in the vicinity, arguing with her brother over a broom.

So far she isn't talking. 

Of course, neither is he.


Oh, and we got new school shoes for the Magician today!  That concludes his back to school shopping, which is awesome.  And tomorrow is registration, which makes me sad because I don't look forward to the end of summer.  I look forward to summer vacation so I can spend time with my kids during the day.  He enjoys school, and I am very glad he enjoys school, but I enjoy having all my babies together.

If you haven't finished your kids' school shopping yet, and don't mind waiting until the last minute, take advantage of tax-free shopping the weekend of August 20.  Not everything is covered, but as of last year school supplies up to $100 can be got that weekend.

Just something to consider.


  • Uni Kincaid 5 years ago

    I love to read your blog! Very sweet and informative and make me wish my big kids were little again.
    In Oregon, everything is tax free EVERY day. But it may cost you more than the tax to drive here when you need to buy something. I know - move here so that we who knew you when you were young can experience this time of life with you and your sweet wife!
    I love you.

  • Kevin 5 years ago

    Wow. Back to school. First grade. Here we go!

    So the Angel went thud thud thud, huh? How's he doing now? Was it head first or a rolling tumble?

    Give them all kisses.

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