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Andy Warpigs: art, drugs, & folk-punk

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What is Andy Warpigs? Is it an animal, a man or a band? According to the lead singer/songwriter who goes by the stage name Andy Warpigs, it is a D.I.Y. musical collective of freaks and pot-smoking misfits. The loosely affiliated group includes main members: Andy Warpigs - vocals/guitar; Jelly Roll Jenkins - guitar; Jackson Bollox - bass; as well as a rotating line-up of drummers including: Justin White, Ray Reeves, and Peter 86. The Andy Warpigs sound is also sometimes accentuated by Critical Xero - melodica and Sabotage Dahli - trumpet.

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Self-described folk-punk, the band's sound has the rough edges of punk rock, tempered with folk-inspired melodies and rock 'n' roll root music made current through a younger generation's voice, even though Andy Warpigs insists he listens to "older tastes of music." Older meaning the likes of Ramones, T. Rex, Velvet Underground, The Smiths, and Black Sabbath. These influences guide the music without being blatant or even apparent. Andy Warpigs has his own thing going, his expressive tenor belting out lyrics both dark and humorous. "The humor is like the spoonful of sugar that helps make the poison go down," says Andy. His songs "Paddy's A Junkie" and "Drown My Baby" from his debut album entitled "Folk-Punk Yourself" are prime examples. Dealing with the the themes of addiction and infanticide respectively, these songs have catchy, lilting melodies that offset the disturbing subject matter. The locally produced CD, released on 56th Street Records, is tempered by some softer, mellower songs such as "Everybody Likes You Now" and "Chilie Pepper," lovely tunes that still have the droll edge that is Andy Warpigs lyrical calling-card. Clocking in at under twenty minutes, the 8 song CD is well worth the price and can be downloaded at: CD Baby or purchased at local record stores and at Lawn Gnome Publishing. Andy describes the CD as "an 18 minute long experiment in anarchist brainwashing." Who could resist?

A live Andy Warpigs performance is an exhilarating and chaotic experience, Andy's smart-ass banter punctuating their shambolic set. When you see them, expect the unexpected. As far as their niche within the Phoenix music scene, Andy claims that they are popular with nerds, freaks, and kids on dope but that the hipper-than-thou crowd unsurprisingly doesn't quite get the joke. Their musical compatriots in the local scene include: Hotrock Supajoint, Dadadoh, Father's Day, Nerdzerker, Scorpion vs. Tarantula, Sister Lip, Girl Boner, Red Tank, and others. They enjoy playing at venues such as: Trunkspace, Lawn Gnome Publishing, The Icehouse Tavern, and Crescent Ballroom. Be adventerous, catch their next show at: The Trunkspace (June 29) and The Rogue Bar (July 12). You will leave with a silly smile on your face and a sick song stuck in your head. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep track of upcoming gigs and releases, and remember to go folk-punk yourself!