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Andy Mineo to perform at Fresh Fire Conference in Lithonia.

Andy Mineo to perform at Cross Culture Church
Cross Culture Church

You are invited to participate and join the youth of Cross Cultrue Church for a weekend of praise, worship, and fellowship! Joshua Generation Campus Ministry presents Holy Groundz Cafe and Fresh Fire Conference at Cross Culture Church. Come celebrate Friday evening May 17, 2014 at 7:00 P.M., as we purely worship through dance, poetry, singing, and rap as a united body of Christ, with Christian Hip Hop Artist Andy Mineo closing out the evening with an epic concert.

The Youth will hear life-changing messages on Saturday morning at 8:00 A.M. through break-out workshops taught by Spirit-led Young Adults from Cross Culture Church, along with an Open Mic opportunity before the sessions for those who want to express God-given talents.

Doctrinally, Cross Culture Church stands for the fundamentals of the faith as taught in the Holy Scriptures and handed down by the Church. Consistent with this purpose, the ministry of Cross Culture Church acknowledges the creeds of the Apostles' Doctrine. Under God, and subject to biblical authority, Cross Culture Church and its ministerial staff bear witness to the following articles, to which we subscribe, and which we hold to be essential to our ministry:

Ticket sales are $15 for both the Concert and Conference, and $20 for the Concert Only. Register and get your tickets online. Click the link below.

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