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Andy Grammer on his new sound and coming up in Los Angeles

Singer/Songwriter, Andy Grammer played a free show at The Grove in Los Angeles on July 30th. Before performing to a packed crowd, Grammer sat down with to discuss his sophomore album, Magazines or Novels and making it in the music industry.

Andy Grammer and Jason Ikeler
Jason Ikeler

Grammer, best known for his 2001 hit, “Keep Your Head Up,” wasn’t an overnight success story. He got his start as a street performer on The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, where he would play covers and originals to anyone that would listen. Grammer says, “The hardest part about being a new artist is, 'What do you have to offer that people haven’t heard before?'”

Performing on the streets isn’t exactly a path made for stardom, but Grammer credits The Promenade for helping him to develop his sound,

“It took me about three and a half years, and then I wrote “Keep Your Head Up,” I was going like everybody’s stopping when I do this, let me try to get that.”

Grammer was eventually signed to S-Curve Records and has since gone platinum with the very song that he tried out at The Promenade ("Keep Your Head Up"). His career has taken off, he’s toured and performed with artist like: John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift and Train. This past summer Grammer performed at the legendary Hollywood Bowl, which was a full circle moment for the "Fine By Me" singer.

“It’s still so weird even as you say that, Third street Promenade to the Hollywood Bowl, who are you talking about right now? That’s amazing.”

Grammer is set to debut his sophomore album, Magazines or Novels on August 5th, and is taking the reigns to continue to evolve his sound. While there is still plenty of piano infused pop-rock, the album is a littler edgier than it's predecessor. Grammer says, “What’s so hard about the second album is you’re like, 'You guys like me for that' (“Keep Your Head Up”). Now it’s my turn, I think I want to choose. So, this album I’m choosing, saying...'I think you’re gonna like me in this phase.' And I think it worked, we’ll see.”

If the crowd at The Grove is any indication, Grammer’s heading in the right direction. His single “Back Home” is available on iTunes, and Magazines or Novels hits stores on August, 5th.

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