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Andy Cohen was asked to be the next ‘Bachelor’

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen
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Andy Cohen may have made a name for himself being the host of the many “Real Housewives” reunion shows and even hosting “Watch What Happens Live,” but it sounds like he has never shared much of his personal life with viewers. He made his career out of asking people about their personal issues, but never opened up about his own. And then, an opportunity was presented to him. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 23, Andy Cohen was supposedly asked to be the next “Bachelor.”

Apparently, Chris Harrison and the team asked Andy Cohen if he would be willing to go on the show to find a wife. At the time, no one really knew he was gay, but Andy thought it was fun. Many years ago, he got the offer and he told them they were barking up the wrong tree — unless ABC wanted to cast its first gay Bachelor.

Andy wasn’t cast for the show and given Juan Pablo's recent comments, it doesn't sound like Andy is willing to put his life out on the small screen to find a partner. One has to wonder if he would campaign to get a gay person on the show. Do you think producers are considering a gay person for the show?