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Andy Cohen wants Real Housewives to go on forever?

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen has been filming the show since the very beginning and he is proud of the massive success the shows have gotten. In fact, even though many of the original housewives have been replaced by new business women and rich families, the ratings seem to be growing every week. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Feb. 6, Andy Cohen is now revealing that he wants the “Real Housewives” franchise to go on forever.

“I believe that this franchise can go and go and go if we treat it delicately and properly. We're seeing with Real Housewives of Atlanta record numbers of any season ever. I care about it a lot,” he reveals. And Andy has been filming “Watch What Happens Live” and the ratings are also increasing there. “We're kicking butt. Is that bad to say? We're doing well,” he said.

It sounds like Andy doesn’t see an end to the show anytime soon. And given how the ratings are growing from the shows, it doesn't seem like fans are getting ready to give up on the shows either. As long as the stars of the show are open and honest, people will keep watching.

Would you keep watching and following the ladies?