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Andy Cohen gives reasoning behind ‘Real Housewives’ reunion seatings

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen has been hosting the “Real Housewivesreunions since the very beginning and he knows every housewife’s story line. In fact, he probably knows the housewives better than everyone else. If that wasn’t enough, he is now admitting that everything is planned during the reunions, including how they are seated on the couch. According to a new Bravo report published on Feb. 3, Andy Cohen is now explaining how the women are seated on the reunion shows and what their spots mean for their roles on the show.

“Usually, we put two women next to me who had big stories that year or who have a lot to say or who are in, you know, any kind of conflict with each other and have a lot going on and we're going to be coming to them during the show," he says. "We talk about it a lot. We tinker with it a lot. And it's one of my favorite conversations, by the way."

And it sounds like Marysol Patton may have been upset about being placed at the very end of the couch, away from Andy himself during her short interview during the reunion. "Someone from the Miami reunion was furious that she wasn't sitting next to me and she said, 'Fire me now, fire me now. It means I'm getting fired,'" Andy says.

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