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Andy Andrews speaks at ACN convention in Charlotte

Andy surveys the crowd
Andy surveys the crowd
Janice B. Holland

Award-winning speaker and best-selling author Andy Andrews was the featured speaker at this weekend’s ACN convention held at the Time Warner Arena in Charlotte, NC.

Andrews speaks at ACN convention on 2/16/14
Janice B. Holland

Andrews quickly let the crowd of 20,000+ know if any of them were there expecting to hear a motivational speaker, they had been grossly misinformed. He went so far as to call motivation a myth. In fact, he went so far as to say, “Encouragement is good, but proof is better.”

With most everyone sitting on the edges of their seats at this point, Andrews told the group, “I am not here to motivate you but to prove some things to you you did not know before so you can harness and use them.” He shared his reason for wanting to do so was because “feelings can come and go but proofs last forever.”

Andrews makes no bones about the fact he is ADHD. He continually bounces on and off the stage; paces up and down the aisles; stops along the front row of the audience to speak to individuals if he becomes distracted, then asks someone to remind him where he was; and then moves on to his next point.

Andrews’ style can be deceiving. He does not use notes, does not lecture, and does not always provide his message in linear fashion. Rather, Andy fashions his message in the form of stories delivered in a relatively “aw, shucks” manner. Let there be no doubt, however – if you fail to listen closely, you are very likely to miss an important link to one of the proofs he is sharing.

So, what proofs did Andy share with the crowd? You can find them in his latest book, The Noticer Returns. In it, he shares the secret philosophy of extreme achievement (or the proofs he shared with us today). Get your copy soon and read it. You will not be sorry!