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Android tops iOS in date usage for the first time

Wikimedia Commons

The Android operating system for smartphones and tablets has finally surpassed Apple’s iOS in data volume according to reports released today. The data usage numbers are still very close, with Android at 44.62 percent of the market and Apple at 44.19 percent. The numbers are due to both a rise in Android usage, up from 43.75, and a drop from 45.61 by Apple. Windows saw an increase of a half a percentage point to 2.49. Everybody else (read: Blackberry) had numbers too small to register.

The numbers may very well change again next month when the iPhone 6 launches, but for now Android users occupy the top spot. The Android platform has long been the leader in sheer numbers of smartphones, being on some 85 percent of smartphones. The Android system is touted by some as being much more user friendly and intuitive than the iPhone system, though Apple diehards cite their platform as being much more secure and having more capabilities.

Realistically, both systems are capable of almost everything that the other can do, it’s really just a matter of preference at this point. The smartphone market as a whole continue to grow, though that growth has stemmed somewhat this year. Growth of smartphone users grew by 27 percent over last year, but the growth from 2012 to 2013 was 49 percent.

Market saturation is a likely factor in the slowing growth of smartphones as a whole, but it continues to boom in areas like Asia and Africa. North America and Europe are where the slowing is occurring.

Newer smartphones are noticeably larger than they had been in the past, almost all smartphones have a much bigger screen than before. With both systems operating with touch screens now, this is very welcomed by consumers who don’t want to “fat-finger” their device.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out next month with the iPhone 6, but for now Android is rejoicing at the news.

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