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Android tips and tricks Speed up your Android device

There are many tips and tricks that you can find on the internet that can improve the way your Android device works. However, not all of them are working properly because many of them can be applied only for certain Android versions. That’s why we have created a list of tips and tricks that has proven to be effective. They are mostly focused on optimization and improving better performance of any type of Smartphone or mobile device using Android operating system. Most of them require enabling Developer Options on your device. Just open Settings, go to About Phone or Tablet and choose Build Number. Find and enable Developer options. Once you are finished you are ready to apply some of these tips and tricks.

Adjust animations

This is one of the most effective Android tips and tricks that you can use. Animations are visually attractive and fun. But the truth is that after a while they get boring and on top of that they will certainly slow down the performance of your Android device. Luckily, you can always slow down the animations or even completely turn them off. Enter the Developer Options and find Window Animation Scale option, Animator Duration Scale and Transition Animation Scale. Each of these three options allow users to adjust the animations according to their needs. Once you are done you can expect faster browsing.

Remove unused apps and processes

Android OS comes with an integrated system for energy management but the truth is that this system is not always responding as we want. For example, many processes and apps stay active even when stop using them. They just continue to work in the background and they use the memory of your device. All you need to do is clean the cache and eliminate the processes that you don’t use manually. Select Setting and then select Apps. Do not stop processes related to Android Services and Google Play.

Clear cache

The cache is very useful when you browse the internet. Thanks to the cache you can access previously visited pages much faster. However, if the cache is full you can experience great problems. So, try to clear the cache of your browser once in a while. In most cases you can do this by simply choosing setting in your browser’s options. The clear cache option is usually under history or privacy settings.

Update your apps

There is a reason why most of the apps are updated frequently. These updates allow apps to run faster, they provide additional security and remove possible bugs. In order to check whether your app needs an update manually you can go to Google Play and open My Apps tab. Once you are there choose Update All option. You will get a warning if the apps need some additional permission and you will have a clear view of the size of the updates. Of course, you can always adjust your device to automatic updates. Open Settings in Google Play and choose Auto-update apps.
We hope that these tips will help you have better experience with your Android device!

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