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Android tablets (GTabs) with Gingerbread and Honeycomb?

Generic image of Google Android Tablet
Generic image of Google Android Tablet
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Tablets are all the rage. By the way – I dislike the term Tablets, so from I am using the terms - GTab and GTabs. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great piece of hardware. However they had two great faux pas – 1. They removed the phone and 2. They priced it too high. Of course there are work-arounds for the phone portion but the price should have been considerably lower than the iPad. Can you imagine a Samsung Galaxy Tab Phone edition at $399 w/o contract and $250 with contract? They would have sold a great deal during the holiday season.

Hope now goes to a sleuth of new GTabs that will actually have Gingerbread attached to them, with phone capabilities and a cheaper price. Manufacturers are you listening??? There are several manufacturers coming out with tablets those are:

I will be writing about each as more permanent and pertinent information comes out but click each link up top for more information. What will we see from CES in January? I’m sure more GTabs are on the way as Android 4.0 (will this be Honeycomb) will come around midyear.