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Android Gingerbread Specs to “Blow Your Mind"

Android Gingerbread
Android Gingerbread

Based on Google’s I/O Conference and other sources, I think we have a great idea what Gingerbread will be. Gingerbread’s purpose is to provide flexibility for various platforms. Will Android then be split into two branches – for higher end devices (phones, tablets, maybe even TVs) and lower end devices? We will see.

First - a few quotes:

  1. Blow your Mind – Andy Rubin said via Gizmodo: There is going to be stuff that's just going to blow your mind.”
  2. More Forms of Communication – Andy talk about this with PC Mag: “I think social media is a form of communication. I think you would just talk about general improvements to the platform and make it faster and more robust. I think gaming is an area that I think is underserved right now.”

Second - Recommended Minimum Requirements:

  • 1GHZ CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 3.5 inches or larger displays (look for more phones with resolutions closer to 800x480)
  • New 1280×760 resolution capabilities for devices with displays of 4 inches or more (tablets)

Third - Probable specs:

  • New GUI. It will be similar to Photo Gallery. There will be neither need nor support for Motoblur or Sense. This will most likely include changes to scrolling, notification bar and new icons. Also think multitask viewing in a cover flow format.
  • WebM support (WebM is an open media file format designed for the web)
  • More HTML5 features like in-browser voice, accelerometer, and camera usage
  • Video Chat functionality standard
  • Google Music app – with cloud storage and share capabilities to browsers, devices and other users. (Ping who?)
  • iTunes and Windows Media music streaming
  • VoIP calling through Google Voice
  • Ability to push apps from a more advanced Online Android Market
  • Google sync – improved wireless syncing capabilities
  • Peek in Google Games to improving gaming.
  • Enhanced battery power– less draining
  • Some sort of inherent Social Media integration

Possible changes or suggestions:

  • Virtual Keyboard – It has to be generic enough to work on several devices, small screens, big screens, landscape view, and portrait views.
  • Although Froyo manages apps well we might see a visual representation to move away from task managers (are these really needed).
  • Better cursor controls. This would aid in editing, copying and pin pointing specific areas on the screen. Possible capacitive touchscreen requirement would be nice too for better scrolling.
  • Addition of a standard notepad or tasks/to do lists apps.
  • Backup and Restore to the Cloud. We have very high storage limits for Gmail. Can we get some storage for our mobile phones?
  • Google Docs integration that opens, edits and saves in compatible formats of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


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