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Android Auto to hit the road before the end of 2014

Google I/O 2014
Google I/O 2014
Google Press Release Kit

Google announced at its annual Google I/O conference on June 25 that Android will finally be coming to cars near you soon thanks to the newly developed Android Auto. The new software will be a rival to Apple's in car solution, and will also take on Microsoft's popular Sync system.

The Android Auto software will be built-in to various cars (40 confirmed partners) by the end of 2014. Android Auto will run off of your phone after your device has been connected to the dashboard. This is a slightly different route than the way car software works right now, as iOS and Sync both work independently from other devices, but this approach offers several benefits.

Android Auto will sync directly with your phone, and once connected Android Auto will automatically display on the screen in your car. The biggest advantage of working like this is that your car software will always be up-to-date because all of the apps run from your phone, while the screen in your car acts simply as a mirror for you mobile device. To date in auto software solutions have been slow and clunky, but because your phone is powering the display performance will be as fast and stable as your smartphone.

During the presentation many features of Android Auto were shared with the public. You will be able to quickly and easily play your music through your car speakers, you will be able to navigate easily with Google Maps, and voice control will enable you to respond to phone calls and text messages. Android Auto will also be contextually aware of your surroundings so important local information can be displayed on the screen such as local gas prices, parking garages, and nearby restaurants.

Android Auto is set to revolutionize the way that we interact with our automobiles, and will surely make our daily commutes a little more bearable.