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Andro, Miami-Dade

Captain Rene Hobart examines the inside of the Andro artificial reef
Captain Rene Hobart examines the inside of the Andro artificial reef
© 2010 Robert J. Arnove

On December 17, 1985, the 165-foot Andro was sent to the ocean floor in an explosion prepared by Miami's Bomb Squad and DERM, the Department of Environmental Resource Management. The vessel landed upright in a sandy area just off Haulover, Miami Beach, in 104-feet of water with 38 feet of relief. Andro is an excellent mid to advanced level dive for wreck seekers.

The ship was originally a German luxury yacht built in 1918 and much of the superstructure is wooden. It served in grandeur up until World War II at which time it was converted into a war patrol vessel and fitted with machine guns.

When the war was over Andro began service in New York as an island freighter. Slowly the vessel worked it's way down the coast of the US and eventually ended up en route from Miami to the Bahamas. Unfortunately, its' owners tried to make some quick money hauling illegal drugs. It was captured on one of its' illicit journeys by U.S. Customs.

Andro now makes an excellent back drop for photographers and video buffs as it has a huge wheel house which is exceptionally picturesque. There are two large smoke stacks just covered with growth while soft corals drape the entire perimeter of the vessel. Another of its unique features located at the stern are the twin props.

With lots of superstructure to explore, plan to dive the props and deeper portions first, concluding your dive on the shallower decks near the stacks. A dive computer will offer the convenience of watching your bottom-time accurately while getting the most out of your dive.

Loran coordinates are Lattitude 25 53' 38.6" Longitude 80 5' 8"

Robin V. Burr, Scuba Examiner
Personal Scuba Instruction
Miami, Florida USA


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