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Andrew surwilo is an entrepreneur with the midas touch

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Andrew Surwilo, CEO ACMG, is one of the most successful CEOs and an entrepreneur par excellence. He has successfully steered many startup ventures to success and is credited with the stunning growth of ACMG and its iconic brands.

Andrew Surwilo, CEO ACMG, is an entrepreneur with a brilliant track record and has virtually turned everything that he was associated with into a high-value asset for people connected with the ventures. Atlantic Coast Media Group, more popularly known as ACMG, is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories in Surwilo’s bio, which spans across various industries and businesses.

ACMG was founded in 2005 by Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley. The multichannel marketing company was created to develop and market unique, well-researched, and effective beauty and wellness products primarily aimed at resolving the issues affecting America’s Baby Boomer generation. Andrew Surwilo, CEO ACMG, was committed to creating a premium line of skincare products that would help the aging demographic cope with the problems affecting their looks.

The Brain Behind ACMG’s Brilliant Marketing Ideas

Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley are also credited with the amazing marketing strategy used for ACMG products. They very effectively utilized TV, radio, magazine, direct mail, and online media to educate their targeted audience of the unique features of the brand and how they can buy it easily online. The creative marketing strategies used by ACMG’s professionals are largely responsible for their brands like Hydroxatone, Keranique, and Celtrixa achieving iconic status in their respective niches.

Hydroxatone is a scientifically-advanced anti aging formulation that has raced ahead of others in the wrinkle cream marketplace. The brand is one of the fastest growing personal care products in the U.S. Andrew Surwilo, CEO ACMG, and Thomas Shipley have also played a stellar role in ensuring that this premium brand can be bought easily by those looking for an effective anti wrinkle formulation.

Pioneering a Path-Breaking Marketing Concept

The concept of 360 degree marketing was pioneered by ACMG. It has revolutionized the way customers access beauty solutions. This unique method of advertising and promotion allows customers complete flexibility while buying these products. This innovative and out-of-the-box marketing idea has helped ACMG establish lasting customized relationships and has also simultaneously strengthened their brand awareness, brand messaging, and loyalty.

Andrew Surwilo, CEO ACMG, has successfully steered the company to unprecedented heights of success and is among the leading national, multi channel personal care marketers globally. The management is focused on creating products that are not only effective but easy to use and safe for all age groups. The products have been developed after extensive research and designed to meet the personal and lifestyle improvement needs of those with skin and beauty issues.

ACMG is credited with having some of the most innovative, high-quality nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical products available in the health and beauty marketplace today. Their flagship brand, Hydroxatone, is without doubt the leader in the wrinkle and skincare market.

The brilliant leadership of Andrew Surwilo, CEO ACMG, has been primarily responsible for the company scaling greater heights and the brands gaining trust of their customers. The company is the recipient of numerous awards including the fastest growing company in New Jersey and the 2012 NJCC Business Achievement Award.