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Andrew O' Connor created statues that adorn the Essex County Courthouse

From a distance, one can see the marble sculptures that O' Connor created at the Essex County Courthouse.
Lucy Santos

When you first enter the Essex County Courtyard, you will notice the statue of Abraham Lincoln, a lifelike bronze sculpture of our 16th president, created by Gutzon Borglum, the same sculptor who carved the presidents heads on Mt. Rushmore. There are other works of art to see at the courtyard besides the famous Lincoln statue. On the sides of the front steps outside of the Essex County Courthouse, you will see two bronze statues: one is called Truth and the other is called Power. On the historic building you will see marble figures each one was created with the theme of justice in mind. Andrew O’Connor, who was an American- Irish sculptor, made these masterpieces.

The art work of O’ Connor is revered throughout the world in countries such as America, Ireland, Britain and France. In 1906 and 1928, he won medals for his statues. In the United States, his works are displayed in the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. What an honor it is for Newarkers to have the fine sculptures of O’Connor outside of the Essex County Courthouse.

As the American flag is blown by the wind outside of the Essex County Courthouse, you will see the sculpture of an elderly man below the flag. He is pensive and represents a lifetime of wisdom. There is no doubt that O’ Connor saw justice as complex as his sculptures at the courthouse depict it, but he believed that justice would ultimately lead to the truth.

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