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Andrew Mitrovica's Witchhunt May Burn David Suzuki

Andrew Mitrovica's thinly-reasoned suggestion that Rex Murphy -- who frequently offers comment on CBC's The National -- has committed a conflict of interest by speaking in favour of the Alberta oil sands, both on-air and off, has proven to be quite the hit among Canada's far-left media.

So much so that the Vancouver Observer -- one of the worst offenders in terms of substandard left-wing "journalism" -- has printed an almost giddy report that the CBC is considering whether or not it should require on-air disclosure from freelancers such as Murphy in future.

“While in principle we support transparency, we are trying to understand the complications of demanding this obligation of our freelancers. We will have more to say about this soon,” CBC Editor in Chief Jennifer said via email. "...we feel the there was no issue of balance in our overall coverage of the oil sands issue."

Yet it seems to Mitrovica and his cohorts among the left-wing propaganda media there is an issue with balance: that it isn't tipped in their favour.

After all, Mitrovica has made no mention whatsoever of someone who actually is a CBC employee, and accordingly to whom CBC's Standards of Journalistic Standards and Practices doublessly does apply: David Suzuki.

David Suzuki routinely presents segments on The Nature of Things about what he insists are the results of global warming -- this despite the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's data demonstrating that there has been no warming since the 1990s. Yet he never discloses that he annually receives thousands of dollars in speaking fees to travel giving speeches about Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change. Nor does he disclose the thousands upon thousands annually collected by the foundation that bears his name. And, oddly enough, Mitrovica never complains.

Yet he complains about Murphy. Strange, that.

“His audiences have a right to know where he’s coming from, and that he’s being paid by powerful vested interests…” Mitrovica insists.

If anything, this is far more true of Suzuki than it is of Murphy. Vivian Krause has documented no less than $13 million paid from powerful foreign vested interests -- groups like the Rockefeller brothers -- to the David Suzuki Foundation. Not so much as a word from Mitrovica on that demonstrable conflict of interest.

Just imagine David Suzuki having to disclose all of that before any segment on The Nature of Things that so much as mentions climate change. Somehow, I'm betting that neither Andrew Mitrovica nor the Vancouver Observer would like that very much.

Of course the rules as they exist aren't meant to apply to David Suzuki. Yet somehow the rules as they don't exist are somehow expected to apply to Rex Murphy.

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