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Andrew Lincoln on 'The Walking Dead' 4 finale: Child rape attempt pushes limit?

The Walking Dead” season 4 finale offered a new level in disturbing on Sunday night. The gruesome scene of Rick, Michonne and Carl’s attack while on the road was a scene that was extremely difficult to stomach. To set the stage for the rest of the finale, this was a very necessary scene for showing how humans are more dangerous than walkers.

Mary from Terminus stands in front of the huge BBQ grill, it turns out that this is where they cook the meat of people who are butchered whent they come to Terminus looking for sanctuary.
AMC The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick in the series, did say in an earlier interview that when he read the script for the season 4 finale, it worried him. He feared this was going too far. After watching the looming child rape and Lincoln's character taking a chunk out of a man's neck with his teeth, you can understand Lincoln's concerns.

Andrew Lincoln feared 'The Walking Dead' took disturbing to a new level

Forbes Magazine suggests in an article on March 31, that “The Walking Dead” finale made up for the sometimes slow-going story lines during season 4. They did this by “giving us some of the best, most exciting and frightening moments in the show’s entire run,” during Sunday night’s finale.

Rick, Michonne and Carl encounter evil of the worst kind:

Sitting by the fire on the side of the road, Rick and Michonne suddenly have guns at their heads. Carl is pulled out of an abandoned car nearby by a sick man looking to rape this child. This was a scene that may have crossed a line for the show, but somehow worked in setting the stage for the rest of the episode.

Carl was about to be raped by a man, who had just flipped him over on the ground and was unbuckling his pants when Rick, who had a gun to his head, lost it and did the only thing he could to save their lives. He took out a man’s juggler vein with his teeth.

Rick took a chunk out of the man’s neck out with a gigantic bite, killing the guy almost instantly. Seeing this, the other men in this gang were shocked over what they had just witnessed leaving them stunned and off-guard.

This gave Michonne and Daryl the window of opportunity to take the others out. Rick told Michonne and Daryl that the man trying to rape Carl was all his. Rick violently carved this guy up, much like you’d expect a monster to do.

Rick could not shake off what he had done. He has seen walkers take chunks out of people since this zombie apocalypse had started, but never did he think he would stoop to this level. It is a good thing that he did, they wouldn’t have made it out alive otherwise.

Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carl make it to Terminus:

This scene set the stage for what Rick, Michonne and Carl were soon to come up against. That would be the sick and dangerous humans of Terminus. That huge barbeque grill seen in last week just as the episode closed, is used to cook human meat.

Daryl joins Rick, Michonne and Carl and they finally make it to Terminus. At first it seems like what it was supposed to be, a safe haven in a world full of walkers. Rick’s quick eye assessed what he was around him, which conjured up his cop instinct to realize something was wrong. What Rick saw was a pocket watch, a poncho and a suit of riot gear, all objects that the folks from the prison, were wearing and carrying with them.

He knew then something was wrong when seeing strangers enjoying the clothing and jewelry that belonged to his friends. He realizes that they fell for the bait of a promised sanctuary when they were nothing more food to the people who put on a false face to welcome them.

Viewers got to see all the bones and meat from the people skinned as Rick and company were trying to make a getaway. They ran by the bones in one place and the meat in another. This presented the picture of such dark evil, which is the true picture of Terminus.

Trying to get away from Terminus proved useless as they have an army of folks stationed in every corner of their compound. The hundreds of bullets fired at them from the people at Terminus never hit them and Rick realizes the shooters are aiming at their feet. They want them alive for some reason he tells his friends.

The railroad car reunion as Maggie and Glenn step out of the darkness:

With nowhere left to run, Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carl are at the mercy of these sick individuals. The four of them were put in a railroad car, which doubled as a jail cell, and once the door of the car closed people came out of the darkness.

For once these people weren't walkers, the people already inside the railroad car are Glenn, Maggie and the crew they were traveling with. As the finale wanes down, all are still alive, but locked up and no one on the outside to let them out. The season finale closes with “The Walking Dead” cast in a dangerous place. Rick’s words that “They are screwing with the wrong people,” gave a hint to what is to come next season.

Folks still left outside of Terminus:

“The Walking Dead” still has Carol, Tyrese, Judith and Beth out there, so maybe one of these folks, except for baby Judith of course, will come to their rescue. If not, they’ll become dinner just like all the people who happened upon Terminus before them.

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