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Andrew House: PS4's first full year will show 'where things are really going'

What have you thought about the PS4 so far?
What have you thought about the PS4 so far?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

The PS4 has seen a very successful first nine months or so, and with that Sony has its eyes set on surpassing the success of one of the most successful consoles in history, the PS2. It's a bold goal to have in mind, but we won't see the first year in full context until this November rolls around.

Having high expectations is a great thing for any business, so long as they are realistic and attainable. Sony Computer Entertainment head Andrew House talked about the system in which they are comparing the overall success of the PS4 against.

"One of the things we benchmark ourselves against the PlayStation 2 to a greater degree and we're happy to have been significantly ahead of that. But we need to see a full comparison of a full year of what the PS2 did including a holiday season, compared with a similar period for PS4. And then we'll have a sense of where things are really going," House said.

The PlayStation 2 was a wildly successful platform for Sony and they are certainly shooting high in comparing the progress of the PS4 to that of the PS2. The latter console succeeded in a time that is much different than today, but still, Sony should have nothing less than high expectations for a console they've invested millions into.

House sees the PS4 as more than just a console for one person in the house to play, but as an opportunity to get other people inside a household into the business. It's a gateway for new consumers in his mind.

"It's going to sound counter intuitive but it's important for gamers. If the consoles we make find relevance with multiple people in a household and multiple members of a family, those are all opportunities for other people to get into gaming. I see us as almost creating a springboard for that, and that's what a platform business is all about," House said.

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