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Andrew Garfield: Oscar appearance with Batkid ditched or scrapped?

Did Andrew Garfield really ditch Batkid at the Oscars?
Did Andrew Garfield really ditch Batkid at the Oscars?
NY Page Six

Remember Batkid? Five-year-old Miles Scott who has cancer and saved San Francisco from the evil villains? Well, he was set to make an appearance at the 2014 Oscars and present an award with Andrew Garfield. Yes, Spider-Man and Batkid were all set to have a segment on the show, but US Magazine reported on March 6, 2014, that it was cut for one reason or another.

A segment was planned for Batkid and Garfield, but some reports state that Spidey didn't like his lines and backed out of the segment.

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It appears as if Garfield kept trying to veer from the script and say his own lines for the segment with Batkid, whom was going to be appointed by Spider-Man. Sources say Garfield "refused to go by the script" and the producers didn't like it.

Allegedly, Garfield "stormed off" the stage, leaving young Miles and his family "devastated."

Another report says that the due to the way live television works and the time for the Oscars, the segment just didn't fit in and had to be scrapped. Producers are said to have to cut the segment due to time constraints.

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From there, producers paid for Batkid and his family to head to Disneyland and he actually was joined at the park by...Andrew Garfield.

Garfield and Batkid's spot went to Chris Evans, who came out to present in their place. Once all was said and done, Captain America presented at the 2014 Oscars in place of Spider-Man and Batkid, but the latter duo headed to Disneyland.

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