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Andrew Colvin on 'Contract in the Desert'

The Mothman Squeaks
New Saucerian Press

Q&A with Andrew Colvin author of the upcoming new book The Mothman Squeaks.

1. So what do you think about this Contact in the Desert convention gig?

It's good to see that the filming event we held in 2010, "Parafornia," has turned into something big. Apparently, however, there were technical problems - discovered in post-production - so the film has not been released. But it WAS an event. Adam Gorightly collected several top paranormal and conspiracy experts - including one of the organizers of the Contact in the Desert convention - and brought us together right where the convention is being held this weekend. I announced that I had "solved the UFO riddle," knowing that this would spur action on the part of the spooks - who are forever trying NOT to solve the UFO riddle. And it worked. I am proud to have been a founder, of sorts, of the convention. But I have mixed feelings, because of what the convention has turned into: a spook orgy.

2. What is the answer to the UFO riddle?

Well, we only answered half of it, actually. I found evidence that week - clear evidence - that drones were being personally used by high-level U.S. officials, and that it has been going on since the 1960s. Of course, there are still a lot of super-weird UFO events that cannot be explained away as drones. Some of those seem partly hallucinatory, as if coming from another dimension. But I suppose some of those could be holograms, too. Luckily, I made audiotapes of all the proceedings at Giant Rock, and we are hoping to get those into book form in the near future. We will probably call it "Contact at Giant Rock" - something like that. We have interesting interviews with Nick Redfern, Adam Gorightly, Greg Bishop, Robert Larsen, Jayne Pojawa, Alexandra Bruce, Walter Bosley, and others. We also have a slew of handcrafted reprints of 1960s and '70s books, by people like Gray Barker, John Keel, Morris K. Jessup, and Albert K. Bender coming out. Just go to Amazon and search "New Saucerian" - the name of our publishing co-op.

2. I heard you were asking Mothy people to send thought rays to the Contact in the Desert convention - to interrupt it.

I was only joking when I did that. It was about a week before the convention, and some stuff was going around about how Steven Greer had locked the doors during his talk last year, so that no one could leave, even if the power went out and there was no air-conditioning. He had a posse of bodyguards, and David Wilcock had a posse of bodyguards, and so did others, and these posses were getting into scuffles. It sounded like something the police should bust up, not something you would want to attend with your kid.

3. I heard about that. It sounds like a circus from hell.

I've got a funny quote by Robert Anton Wilson about Greer in my new book, "Mothman Squeaks," which is coming out soon. I was hanging out with Wilson at the "Prophets" Conference in 1999, near Seattle, and we were watching Greer as he gave an emotional talk about how the "Space Brothers" were going to return in 2001. Greer had the old ladies in the audience enthralled as he told them that he - and only he - was the messenger of the Space Bros. All they had to do was buy his books and videos to get connected - to "make contact."

4. That sounds like Greer. I like that little 6-inch alien doll he has been claiming is a real alien. He even took that thing over to some European UFO conventions, where he had it genetically tested by "world experts" in forensic exobiology.

I didn't know you could get a degree in that! [laughter]

5. I was wondering why he went with just a six-inch doll. Why not go with an 8 or ten-inch doll?

I don't know. Maybe six inches seems big enough for him?

6. Maybe he thought the Europeans would be impressed by that size.

Well, they have these fake UFO conventions all over the world. It's pure spectacle - a theatre of the absurd. I assume they are all funded by ex-Nazi millionaires in South America. That millionaire who bought out MUFON and is building "space ships" on the Skinwalker Ranch probably knows who is behind all this.

7. No doubt! So what did Wilson say about Greer?

As the talk went on, Greer got sweatier and sweatier, and progressively unbuttoned his shirt, until you could fully take in his muscled, shaven chest. Wilson leaned over and whispered to me, "They should call this the 'Profits' Conference!" Wilson debated Greer, John Mack, hallowed astronaut Ed Mitchell and others on the meaning of UFOs, and stole the show. Wilson was talking plain English, had a sense of humor, and was not lying to everyone, so that was a foregone conclusion.

8. These "suits" in ufology seem to have no sense of humor, that's for sure.

All of these spook UFO researchers are claiming that the government is after them, trying to kill them for "speaking out," which is why they have to hire these thugs. But the fact is that this is complete whackadoodie. They all work for the government, or are paid somehow. They think that by acting like they are under attack, people won't realize that THEY are the enforcers, holding weak and vulnerable people under their ET spell, harassing anyone who tries to stop their fake religion. Imagine if your grandma was in a bad way after her husband of fifty years had died, and she somehow got roped into going to listen to Steven Greer. Think of how screwed up that is.

9. It's frightening. Are you implying that these UFO spooks are in league with the MIB?

Absolutely. The bigger and more popular they are, the more they are in league with them.

10. I never go to conventions because it would be the perfect place to be programmed or reprogrammed by ET spooks. Do you think almost all conventions are infiltrated? I run from anything that says MUFON on it. And didn't the Contact in the Desert convention actually have problems this weekend?

Yes, they have been having problems, like the power going out and such. Think about being locked in a 100-degree room with Greer, though. It would suck. I have compassion for those caught between the wrath of Mothman witnesses and the spooks who keep them down. All I did was make a joke about putting itch powder around the podiums, and I guess some of the witnesses were spurred by that. If you look at the lineups of these conventions, they never even have real witnesses anymore. Over 90% of them are spooks. It is just a bunch of blowhards, living double lives, talking about how great they are, scamming people for money. The witnesses are not happy about this. They are very psychic, because they are REAL witnesses, and they have the power to affect the material world. These spooks and their followers have become so disconnected from the real phenomenon that they have forgotten this - and probably do not have the capacity to even believe it. And that is because they themselves have been programmed to be this way. I have compassion for the spooks, too, I suppose...Still, maybe it is time to show the major imposters and assets to the door, and get someone with integrity onto our national airwaves every night, from coast to coast.

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