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Andrew Breitbart: A heart-breaker

SEARCHLIGHT, NV - MARCH 27: Andrew Breitbart speaks at the Tea Party Express' 'Showdown in Searchlight' rally
SEARCHLIGHT, NV - MARCH 27: Andrew Breitbart speaks at the Tea Party Express' 'Showdown in Searchlight' rally
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Win the culture. That’s what Andrew Breitbart wanted to do. What he did was assure me that there is a place for me in the Conservative movement. I remember sitting in my office – the small, wood-paneled room that could be a tiny study, if I ever de-clutter. I was reading articles on one of 'the Bigs’ (, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Peace). It was right before or right after Big Government was launched. (He planned to start Big Education, but he died.) I posted about Patrick Swayze (after his death), and I was getting some good feedback.

That’s when I decided that I might be good at blogging. Actually, as the memory unravels…. I was bouncing back and forth between the Bigs and Drudge. I saw an ad for

Andrew Breitbart was so passionate and layered and brave. He was adopted. He “…grew up in an adopted family where my mom is Christian and Caucasian, my dad is Jewish, my sister is Mexican and I don’t know, I don’t tan so well. I think I’m mostly Irish.”

He had a lot of gay friends; he did not support gay marriage; but, he was a former board member of GOProud, a group of gay conservatives. Layered....

He was a Liberal and pro-choice – before he saw his wife’s ultrasound…and, before the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. Layered....

He saw something - even before he believed for certain or, fully-supported the movement – about the tactics of the Left and its hypocrisy, as it was waged against Conservatives. It’s why he stood up and fought for the Tea Party, initially.

Whatever I saw in him – his complications, his genius, his interest in music and culture, his admiration of the energy and life of people (even those within the Occupy and Anti-Corporatist Movement) - made me want to stand up, too.

He was a truth-teller. He was a loving, energized, courageous fighter for our American culture. He said this was a citizen journalism revolution, and he was trying to be the Pied Piper; he wanted us to join in the fight.

H’s why I started blogging, my small, random homage to his influence in my life. He energized me and attracted me to Conservatism, showing me how I fit in, too.

I saw Michele Malkin saying (on twitter) that the fight is not over – now that he’s gone. I know that that is true - must be true.

But it feels like it – the youthful movement that reached further, and was braver than that which lies at the center of 'the Establishment' – is over, cut short too soon. I love and respect Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin and Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. They are like minds. But none of these made me feel like we could be friends and talk about Conservatism…and whatever else. There are very few who do that for me: Dennis Miller, Greg Gutfeld….

And Andrew Breitbart did that first and best. Yesterday - the day we lost him at the age of forty-three - was a heart-breaker. Visit Gavin McInnes' site, Street Carnage to purchase Andrew Breitbart Charity tee shirts, here. All profits go to Breitbart's widow and his four children.


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