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Andrew Bird "swoops" into Honolulu, concert at Pipeline Cafe next month

Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird
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What is indie music?

Andrew Bird, the multi-instrumentalist lyricist based out of Chicago who is known for his birdlike whistling, is due to visit Honolulu, HI during his 2010 tour.

Bird’s ability to play violin, guitar, and glockenspiel all while singing and whistling during his performances is a wonder to witness live.  With beautiful melodies, unique sound, and a stellar band, his music is sure to send you "soaring". Influences including classical music, gypsy jazz, folk and swing, create a unique and Indie sound.  You can hear selections from Bird’s new and old albums here.

As a child Bird was immersed in classical music, trained in the Suzuki method.  He then attended Northwestern University in Illinois, graduating with his bachelors and releasing his first album, Music of Hair, in 1996.  Bird is now signed with Independent recording label, Fat Possum.

The concert will be Saturday, February 6, 7:00 pm at the Pipeline Cafe.  This is a show not to be missed.  Don't delay, tickets will "fly" by before you know it.

Below is one of Bird's newest songs "Anonanimal" live at the Guthrie Theatre located in Minneapolis, MN.  You can buy tickets online or purchase them over the phone.  Learn more about Andrew Bird.


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