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Andrea Saint James receives fan accolades from media recognition (Photos)

On Jan. 9, 2014, author Andrea Saint James was recognized, in person, from today's story written about her by the "Palm Beach Post." Fans of the author and her book, "Bilbao Beetle Learns to Share," seemed to be everywhere. Saint James, who resides in Palm Beach, Fla., shared with that she received positive accolades due to the story.

Author Andrea Saint James
Author Andrea Saint James
Author Andrea Saint James, Photo: Courtesy
Bilbao Beetle
"Bilbao Beetle Learns to Share," Illustration: Roger Kabler

First, here is a little bit about Andrea Saint James and the book's illustrator Roger Kabler.

Author Saint James and illustrator Kabler met when she was a TV publicist at 20th Century Fox. He was in one of their series at Fox, and they have remained friends ever since.

Saint James on today.

"I was happy today that the "Post" wrote up a story about myself and my book, but then the oddest thing happened."

After the newspaper story came out, Saint James was visiting a public location and appeared to be easily recognized.

"I took a friend to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), and the staff recognized me from the newspaper story."

Apparently the recognition was much more than just someone saying "Hi."

"They came out to meet me, and they also bought a bunch of books!"

The fans not only bought books from Saint James today, but they also made a request.

"I was asked to return tomorrow to do a book signing!"

As one can probably tell, Andrea Saint James' day went well, and she is very happy. Saint James' fans must be happy too, as they will see more of her and her book tomorrow.

Thank you Andrea Saint James for sharing today's experience, and we look forward to how tomorrow's event goes.

Learn more about this author, Bilbao Beetle and the illustrator by going to Andrea Saint James, "Bilbao Beetle Learns To Share." Plus learn more about Roger Kabler and his wife and author, Mary Gregory.

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